Telling THE story... But with a T-shirt.

We are looking to make a difference in the Christian clothing industry by not just focusing on creating a design focused on a specific topic but focusing on the whole New Testament and creating something that tells THE story and not just a story.

  • Remember that Jesus died for YOU... on a cross... in public.

    Don't keep him in private.

  • Read some of the amazing testimonies of people who have been saved by Christ.

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Who are we?

RFRM aims to become a brand that unites countless young Christians to create a community that changes the world. Bringing many souls to Christ is a goal that any follower of Jesus wants to achieve. For your voice to be heard you need a platform and RFRM wants to be the platform you stand on while proclaiming the Mighty Name of Jesus. RFRM(Reform) means change to improve and we want to change the way Christianity is seen in a positive way.